How to repair the rubber conveyor belt quickly

Rubber conveyor belt generally consists of several layers of plastic material, if the damage was discarded conveyor belt conveyor belt surface, will cause the waste of resources, normally operating personnel in the field of conveyor belt for repair, a new layer is formed after pressure, but for the conveying equipment of the waste more time to run, therefore, the conveyor belt of quick fixes has become an urgent problem in the field. The following introduces the fast maintenance method of conveyor belt.

  Conveyor belt

  Conveyor belt manufacturers can achieve this purpose according to a kind of called heavy conveyor belt before scientific processing tooling, tooling mainly includes transmission, damage layer cutting and cutting machine grinding surface three parts, tooling also includes motor and electric control box, motor drive controlled by electric control box.

  The structure of the transmission motor mainly includes: Device output roller, conveyor line conveyor roller, roll up on the output roller conveyor belt for easy maintenance, output on spin forward runs, the output is the underside of the roll cutting structure damage layer of the roller and roller cutter to stick together, the distance between the two can make a corresponding adjustment according to the thickness of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt through the clearance between roller and cutter, The edge of the cutter will be removed by the damage layer, and there is generally a clear transmission line structure on the back. It is installed near the top of the drive roller, and the fast spinning roller can be driven by the motor. A clean brush surface can be installed to quickly remove and grind the conveyor belt with damaged surface.

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