Fabric conveyor belt


● Specification of

EP630/4-1200-6+2 AS M

EP:Represents that the material of skeleton body is EP canvas

630/4:Represents the longitudinal tensile strength of the belt body630N/mm,The belt body consists of four layers of EP canvas

1200:With body width1200mm

6+2:上、The thickness of the lower covering glue is respectively6mm,2mm

AS M:Type of covering adhesive

   ● The characteristics of

Skeleton stress body for multi-layer chemical fiber canvas, layer for adhesive, plus covering adhesive. According to the standards of DIN22102, AS1332, BG7984, JISK6322, we can produce all kinds of fabric core conveyor belts with strong strength and adhesive cover requirements. The layered fabric core conveyor belt has been used in many mines, power plants, building materials, coal, ports, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields at home and abroad.

● Execution standard

We can organize production according to the following standards: GB7984, GB10822, GB20021, HG3714, HG3782, DIN22102, AS1332, JISK6322,

According to customer requirements to produce the width of not more than 2200mm conveyor belt.

● Technical parameters

Note: the thickness of covering adhesive, the number of cloth layers and the length of production can be determined by both parties through negotiation.

● Recommends the minimum roller diameter of conveyor


● Product features

The width, length, total thickness of the strip and the deviation of the overburden are in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 4490

● Cloth layer joint

The number and position of longitudinal and transverse joints of the multi-layer core cloth of the tape shall comply with the requirements of HG/T 2194

Physical properties of the overlay of the belt

Note: When the thickness of the overburden is 0.8mm~1.6mm, the thickness of the sample can be the appropriate thickness for cutting. At this time, the tensile strength and elongation at break are allowed to be less than 15% lower than the median value in the table.

● Test conditions

Ozone concentration (50±5) x10-8 (volume fraction), temperature (40±2) ℃, elongation (20±2) %, time 15h. Ozone oxidation test results should be free of cracking

● Cover adhesive properties

Suitable for working environment in contact with acid and base, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. Seawater salt and covering adhesive are made of rubber blend and filled with inert material with excellent acid and alkali resistance, which has better performance than chloroprene conveyor belt. EP canvas is used as skeleton material, which has more reliable acid and alkali performance than cotton canvas core belt.

Burn resistant conveyor belt

● The characteristics of

The strength layer near the working face is covered with a layer of special heat-resistant fabric (GF canvas), and the strength layer is made of high-temperature resistant polyester canvas.

Unique formula of coating glue material, when conveying high temperature material, the surface forms anti-burning material.

3 excellent paste formula, to ensure high adhesion between layers under high temperature conditions, avoid defects such as delamination and foaming in the process of use, good stability, long service life.


High temperature resistant conveyor belt

Field drawing of heat resistant conveyor belt

● Structural features and applications

The skeleton stress body is polyester canvas with high modulus and low shrinkage or IW steel mesh or steel wire rope, and is covered with styrene butadiene or ethylene propylene triglyceride with good heat resistance, so that the finished belt has good thermal stability, which is used in steel, cement, coking, chemical industry, glass and other industries. It is used to transport all kinds of sintered semi-finished products, cement clinker and all kinds of high temperature powder or block materials at the temperature of 100-300℃.

● Product Category Segmentation

According to the different temperature of the material of the conveyor belt, the heat-resistant conveyor belt can be divided into T1, T2, T3 and T4 grades:



● Product features

Cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas is used as the core, and the covering adhesive is a combination of natural rubber and butadiene rubber, which has the characteristics of high elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance, and can be used normally under the environment of minus 40℃.

● Technical parameters

Physical properties of covering adhesive

 Note: C1 -- the ambient temperature is -45~+50℃; C2 -- the ambient temperature is -60~+50℃

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